Last Friday was the 1st statewide Supported Decision-Making training and with 400 people in attendance we know that there is a huge need for this information around the state. Below you can find all the powerpoint presentations from the training along with a link to BPDD’s Supported Decision-Making web page with many more resources available.

If you would like to plan a webinar training for your organization we would be happy to work with you on finding time and presenters to support further training. Please contact Fil Clissa at 608-266-5395 or email at to plan a webinar.

If you would like to order more Supported Decision-Making tool-kits or the Alternatives to Guardianship booklets you can contact Jeremy Gundlach at 608-266-7826 or email at You can also click the links below to download the electronic copies of the resources.

BPDD Supported Decision-Making web page

Supported Decision Making Training: Agenda

September 13th Training Materials:

Keynote 1: Leah Ortiz

Keynote 2: SDM Overview

Breakout Session 1: Nuts and Bolts

Breakout Session 2: Options in Legal Decision Making

Breakout Session 3: Rethinking Guardianship

Breakout Session 4: Conversations on Decision making Options