March 2019- Brandon Simmons

Brandon Simmons

Never Give Up, with Different Abilities

My name is Brandon Simmons, I was born in Rockford, IL but raised in Watertown, WI. When I was born my right side had a low count of blood and so my right hand and leg became deformed and my leg was amputated above the knee. Today I have a lot of challenges that I have overcome but I’m sure there will be more in the future. My parents, Michael and Teresa Simmons try to support me to do my best in my pursuit of videography and photography. Over the eleven years I’ve been doing videos, I learned a lot about angles, color schemes, and editing. I’ve also been volunteering at Watertown TV for the past four years, doing multiple jobs. Here are some examples; camerawork, editing, some directing, and audio directing.

My parents have been especially supportive of my new movement for people who have “different abilities” (disabilities). The movement is to show people that they should treat “different” people as they want to be treated and not as a weirdo or an outcast. Most people think I’m a slow thinker and talk slow to me because of my speech impairment, but I am a smart and caring individual.

My special movement I talked about is “Different Abilities”. Most of the “a-typical” people see the physical part of my different abilities, and instead of trying to get to know me first and see what I can do they assume the things that I can’t do. If you are unsure of how I communicate don’t be afraid to ask questions. Many times, when people who don’t know me try to talk to me, they talk slowly, and treat me like I’m mentally different-abled which I’m not.  People are just scared to ask questions because they think I’ll get offended or upset about their questions. In the past I have responded with anger, but throughout my life I realized I have to teach others that people like me are just normal but have our own different abilities.  I’d rather be different than normal any day. To keep myself positive I have a life motto “Never Give Up!”  If you have any questions, go ahead and ask them, I’ll do my best to answer them all. If you’d like to check out my work you can follow me on Facebook, Instagram or my website



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