Throughout the years BPDD along with our partners, grantees and participants in our various projects have created so many informative videos! We wanted to put as many of them as possible in one place. If you are looking for recorded sessions from a conference you can find those in a playlist at our YouTube page which is linked by the button below. The Living Well Wednesday videos can also be found by following the button below.

Let’s Get to Work Project Videos
The WI Let’s Get to Work project was one of 8 Partnerships in Employment states charged with improving community employment outcomes for youth with significant intellectual and developmental disabilities (I/DD). Twelve high school pilot sites implemented a series of evidence based practices leading to tripling the employment outcomes of students in the pilot. Schools engaged more businesses, students were more included and independent, parents were more educated about the transition process and teachers had the skills and tools they needed to make it all possible. The videos below are great examples of everyone working together so students achieve their goals. Please enjoy the videos, share them, and use them in your trainings!
Let’s Get to Work: Youth Employment Stories

The following videos are the employment stories of several youth who participated in the pilot sites for the Let’s Get to Work project. 

Building Full Lives
The Building Full Lives project helps vocational and day service providers deliver more employment and day services in the community. Our goal is to have people with disabilities safely explore the community, meet new people, get connected to recreational and volunteer opportunities, explore their interests and skills, and get a job.
Partners with Business
Hiring people with disabilities is good for business! BPDD’s Partners with Business initiative helps service providers and employers support workers with disabilities to be successful and independent at work. Partners with Business strategies result in cost-effective, flexible, inclusive employment, and help businesses improve their bottom line and workplace diversity goals.
Employment First

Employment First is designed to improve the working lives of people with disabilities and our state’s economy. By creating policies and practices that increase the number of people with disabilities being employed in the community at minimum wage or higher, businesses can find the talent they need to meet their workforce needs.

Mind and Memory Matters
Mind & Memory Matters was a project awarded to the WI Board for People with Developmental Disabilities (BPDD) by the Wisconsin Department of Health Services (DHS) and the Administration for Community Living (ACL). The project’s purpose was to help increase awareness about the connection between dementia and those with intellectual/developmental disabilities (I/DD) while helping increase the quality of life for the individual.
Going to Work, WI Youth First Video Series

The Going to Work Video Series was developed with a BPDD Sparks grant.  The videos are of a variety of self-advocates talking about their employment experiences ranging from disclosing your disability to interviewing to asking for accommodations on the job.  Includes practical advice for any person with a disability interested in working.