Each month BPDD features a different leader in Wisconsin living with a disability. “What’s the Word?” is an opportunity to hear directly from self-advocates about what’s important to them. This month’s column comes from BPDD board member Sydney Badeau!

Below is a short excerpt from the letter but you can read the full piece by clicking the button below. 

“When we think of the pandemic, we think of all the negative things like the deaths and that we couldn’t get out and see friends and family and go to events. But many people with disabilities were used to certain social isolation prior to the pandemic. Those with disabilities who can’t drive or without public transportation in their area didn’t get out much prior to the pandemic. Something magically happened during the start of the pandemic. Suddenly events and meetings that were previously inaccessible became available over Zoom! People could interact over a video chat format and have accommodations they needed such as using chat and closed captions.”

If you or somebody you know would like to be featured in “What’s the Word?” contact Jeremy at jeremy.gundlach@wisconsin.gov.