A family led group is a network of families with children transitioning from high school or adult children with disabilities that are committed to work together to educate themselves on various aspects of adult life for their child with a disability. It’s a way for families to work together to identify and meet their needs. The families decide the focus for the group, including learning more about: self-direction, circles of support, housing, employment, transportation, etc… That focus can change as their needs change. Families meet and learn about resources, provide support to each other, engage in person-centered planning, and develop resources for themselves. For more information, about the Family-Led Networks, contact Fil Clissa at Fil.Clissa@wisconsin.gov.



Families in Iowa County met to discuss their son and daughter’s transition from High School to adulthood. Connecting with other families was such a rich experience, as one mom put it, “After our first meeting, I just felt like I had won the lottery by meeting all of you.” As another mom put it, “It seems so simple, but without the support of the Family-Led project at BPDD we could never have brought all these families together.”