Find out what the Board has been doing in our Activities Report to the Governor and the State Legislature. The report details our Board’s mission, membership, goals, accomplishments, and budget.

Our federal charge in the Developmental Disabilities Act is identifying the most pressing needs of people with developmental disabilities and developing innovative and cost-effective ways to meet these needs in a manner that upholds human and civil value. Councils (Boards) must include, at minimum, 60% people with developmental disabilities and their family members.

The BPDD State Plan, informed by statewide input from the disability community, focuses primarily on three areas: Advocacy, Employment and Self-Determination. During 2015–2017, we have made significant progress in all of our goal areas.

A few highlights include:

  • Advocacy – More than 600 self-advocates and family members participated in policy efforts to increase employment, improve public schools and Medicaid–funded programs, and expand transportation options.
  • Employment – Tripled the employment rate for youth with the most significant disabilities in a statewide effort to improve public programs charged with equipping youth for the workforce.
  • Self-Determination – More than 700 people participated in this year’s Disability Advocacy Day, and nearly all state legislators receive a visit from a constituent.

Over the past biennium, BPDD has also made diversity a priority. As a Governor-appointed Board, BPDD is committed to apply cultural competence in all that we do. The Board strives to increase the number of people in Wisconsin with I/DD to become more independent, productive, and included in all facets of community life.
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