The Board’s Let’s Get to Work project was a grant to help youth with the most significant disabilities to find and keep jobs as they graduated from high school. The grant equipped youth, their families, schools, and local businesses with resources/training to triple the number of students with paid jobs in their communities in its first year. For more about Let’s Get to Work, see:

For more on what the Board does, see our one-page impact reports on employment, building full lives in the community, and advocacy:

The Trump Administration’s proposed budget would make cuts to multiple disability programs: Medicaid, SSDI, and others. Developmental Disabilities Councils (including the Wisconsin Board for People with Developmental Disabilities (BPDD) would be zeroed-out and reorganized with brain injury and independent living councils with a different charge and about 40% of current funding.

Ultimately, Congress votes on and decides the federal budget. You can tell your member of Congress what the President’s proposed budget would mean to you and your family, including what the elimination of BPDD would mean.

Impacts of what BPDD does in Wisconsin that you can share with members of Congress are listed in briefing sheets here: