How do we increase health, safety, independence and well-being of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities living in our community? Over the last 4 years, the Living Well team has been working with 8 service providers, 10 self-advocate leaders and more than 50 consortium partners in the state to improve the independence, integration, safety, health and well-being of people with disabilities. Learn more about the resources and recommendations we have been working on.
How it Works
  • Our Consortium includes a variety of perspectives including individuals living in diverse settings, families, employment experts, advocates, service providers, state agency representatives, etc. Our Consortium meets three times a year and their discussions drive what the project focuses on and what strategies to use.
  • Our 8 Pilot sites implement a set of intervention strategies and awareness building activities. The pilot participants complete evaluations that inform recommendations on improving quality services and final product development of the project.
  • Our coaching team provides training and technical assistance on topics such as self-advocacy, supported decision-making, personal futures planning, community-based services and competitive integrated-employment.
  • Our policy team implements the policy recommendations from the Consortium and puts them into action by engaging with state agencies and the legislature.
Project Goals
  • To improve coordination of consortium partners on community capacity building and community monitoring as evidenced by shared goals, resources, and measurement
  • To increase the perceived capacity among service providers to self- assess, monitor, report, reduce and/or remediate situations and environments for health, safety and quality of life
  • To increase the number of communities, organizations, and systems implementing recommended policies and practices
  • To increase the capacity of state agencies to receive and respond to incidents of abuse and neglect by improving collaboration and reporting systems
  • To increase the health, safety, independence, and well-being of people with I/DD by empowering them to understand and exercise their human and choice-making rights in all areas of their lives, including in the HCBS services they receive
Other Living Well States and Resources

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