Families often support other families in ways professionals don’t. Families offer suggestions based on their own experiences, listen to one another, watch each other’s kids, or bring over a meal when times are tough. Families also give each other strength and help each other see possibilities for their children. And when families come together, they have more power and can make change.


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Families Supporting Families: Grant Opportunity Available!

The Wisconsin Board for People with Developmental Disabilities (BPDD) and the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction (DPI) want to strengthen their partnerships with Wisconsin’s under-served communities to better support families who have school-aged children with intellectual or developmental disabilities.

We will provide funding to an individual, community-based organization, or school to launch or expand the work you are doing to support children with disabilities and families.

Priority will be given to an East Asian, Southeast Asian, South Asian, refugee or other Asian community.

Complete the Proposal and Budget by April 19, 2024: English version; Hmong version; Spanish version.

Cov Tsev Neeg Uas Txhawb Nqa Rau Cov Tsev Neeg: Kev Thov Nyiaj Pab

Wisconsin Pab Pawg Thawj Coj Saib Xyuas Cov Neeg Muaj Kev Xiam Oob Qab Rau Fab Kev Loj Loj (BPD) thiab Wisconsin Feem Hauj Lwm Saib Xyuas Kev Qhia Rau Pej Xeem (DPI) xav txhawb nqa rau lawv txoj kev koom tes nrog Wisconsin cov zej zog uas tsis tau txais kev pab cuam kom txais kev kev txhawb nqa zoo dua rau cov tsev neeg uas muaj me nyuam yaus hnub nyoog tseem kawm ntawv uas muaj kev xiam oob qhab rau fab kev txawj ntse los sis kev loj hlob.

Peb yuav muab cov nyiaj pab rau ib tus neeg, lub koom haum hauv zej zog, los sis tsev kawm ntawv los tsim los sis nthuav dav cov hauj lwm uas koj tab tom ua los txhawb nqa rau cov me nyuam yaus uas muaj kev xiam oob qhab thiab cov tsev neeg.

Qhov tseem ceeb ua ntej yuav muab rau Neeg Asxis Sab Hnub Tuaj, Cov Neeg Asxis Qab Teb Sab Hnub Tuaj, Cov Neeg Asxis Qab Teb, cov neeg tawg rog los sis lwm haiv neeg Asxis.

Sau Teb Kom Tiav Daim Ntawv Thov thiab Cov Nyiaj Txiag ua ntej Lub Plaub Hlis Ntuj Tim 19, 2024: Hmoob; English; Spanish

To support families to come together, BPDD partners with the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction (DPI) and five community-based organizations that primarily serve families of color and/or Spanish speaking families and their children with intellectual and developmental disabilities. The funding from DPI and BPDD supports the organizations to carry out activities that work best for their families: they host retreats and learning opportunities, coordinate gatherings in the community, focus on self-care, and support families to advocate for their family’s needs.

This report summarizes the work and achievements for year two of the project (October 1, 2022 – September 30, 2023).

Meet Our Partners:

ALAS, Alianza Latina Aplicando Soluciones

Elsa Diaz-Bautista, Executive Director

ALAS is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting the independence of families of children and youth with diverse abilities in Milwaukee by providing educational workshops, parent support groups, family events, community building activities, and service referrals amongst other services and supports.

Alianza Latina Aplicando Soluciones
Ph: 414-643-0022
Fax: 414-643-0023

Ho-Chunk Nation and LOV, Inc.

Dr.Cheryl Funmaker, Educational Disabilities Director

Stefanie Primm, Executive Director

Ho-Chunk Nation and their non-profit partner LOV, Inc. bring together tribal families of children with disabilities at family events for connection, information sharing, and collective power. When families come together, they are strengthened by each other.

Ho-Chunk Nation, Disabilities Division
Ph: 715-284-4915

LOV, Inc.
Ph: 608-843-7906

Mommy Beautiful Sunrise

Mommy Beautiful Sunrise — Shanice Baquet, Founder

Mommy Beautiful Sunrise Inc (M.B.S) aims to deliver assistive information and advocacy to support families and their children in improving their full potential in education, health, and culture, as well as supporting families that have lost a pregnancy or infant loss in grieving.

Ph: 262-229-9258


Padres E Hijos en Accion

Padres E Hijos en Acción — Hector Portillo, Executive Director

Padres e Hijos en Acción is an organization that is based on people with special needs, their families, friends, and community; building opportunities for Latino children/youth focused on community life.

Ph: 608-504-0618

Parent University

Parent University — Delores Sallis, Director

Parent University, an organization in Milwaukee founded by Delores Sallis, serves as a resource and support network for Black and other families of color and their loved ones with disabilities.

Ph: 414-208-9410