Each month we feature a different leader in Wisconsin living with a disability. “What’s the Word?” is an opportunity to hear directly from self-advocates about what’s important to them. This month’s article comes from Kody Funmaker. Kody and his mother Cheryl, were both guests on the Black Feathers Podcast as part of Developmental Disabilities Awareness Month. You can listen/watch the episode by clicking the button below. 

Below is a short paragraph from the article. Click the button below to read the full article. 

“Hi, I’m Kody Funmaker, the son of Doctor Cheryl Funmaker. I go to Edgewood college right next to UW Madison and I am a degree seeking student. I am also a member of the Ho-Chunk tribe and a person with developmental disabilities. After graduating high school in 2019 I signed up for Project Search and worked at the Kalahari in WI Dells. I worked in the bakery section and was the first person through Project Search to get to be in the bakery. It was very busy and intense, but I loved working there.” 

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