Each month we feature a different leader in Wisconsin living with a disability. “What’s the Word?” is an opportunity to hear directly from self-advocates about what’s important to them. This month’s article comes from David Scribbins. Below is a short paragraph from the article. Click the button below to read the full article. 

“Although the arthritis has done a number on my system it went into remission in 2000 at 18 years of age. I’m currently 41 years old and my arthritis is still in remission to this day but the damage has been done. I found along the way the best way to overcome barriers, find treatment that works for me and programs to assist is by self advocation. During that process I realized how difficult it can be and experiencing my own troubles I became aware of so many people that cannot advocate for themselves so I did some research on how I could get more involved to help advocate for others.” 

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