The goal of BPDD’s employment projects is for people with developmental disabilities to be employed in integrated jobs of their choosing in the community. Go to the links below for more information about each project, including how to get involved and who to contact with questions.

Building Full Lives 

The Wisconsin Board for People with Developmental Disabilities is creating opportunities for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities (I/DD) (including individuals with diverse identities and/or who are underserved), to have lives that include:

  • Respect: People are respected and valued by others in the community, not just paid
  • Community participation: People are involved in a growing network of relationships;
    this is a relationship network beyond paid staff and disability professionals.
  • Competent Contribution: People are assisted to understand their gifts, talents,
    knowledge, and abilities; and to use these personal assets to make a living through
    work, and give back to others.
  • Choice: People are assisted to make as many choices about their day as possible,
    including both small choices (e.g. what to wear) and big choices (e.g. where to work)

One key feature of a Full Life is involvement in a diverse community, where people are engaged in the same activities that others who live in the same community engage in. For working-age adults; this has led to a strong connection between Full Days and participation in integrated employment. As Employment First grows across the country, efforts to promote and support Full Lives have come to embrace participation in integrated employment as the anchor of a meaningful day.


Take Your Legislator to Work Logo ImageTake Your Legislator to Work Campaign

BPDD conducts the Take Your Legislator to Work Campaign to raise awareness about the importance of integrated employment for people with disabilities. People with disabilities who have integrated jobs are encouraged to participate in the campaign.




WI Employment First Wisconsin Employment First 

Wisconsin Employment First promotes Integrated Employment – jobs in typical business settings at minimum wage or higher – in the general workforce for people with disabilities. The initiative combines the work of grassroots groups with statewide policy and legislative efforts.


Wisconsin Employment First Conference

The Wisconsin Employment First Conference is for anyone interested in increasing integrated employment opportunities for people with disabilities. Conference participants learn strategies that support people with disabilities to get jobs, develop local action plans, and develop a statewide network.


Let’s Get to Work

The Board has finished the Let’s Get to Work project. This project focused on developing and implementing policies and practices that raise community expectations and reduce systems barriers, leading to higher integrated employment outcomes for youth in transition who have significant intellectual and developmental disabilities. For more information, see