Become or help support and Employment First Ambassador in Your Community

WI Employment First Ambassadors are people with disabilities with jobs in their communities who advocate for policies and services that will help everyone with disabilities get jobs!

EF Ambassadors support the principles of Employment First and believe that:

  • Everyone can work and there is a job for everyone
  • Schools, families, and businesses must raise their expectations about work
  • Employment is not a social service
  • People are healthier, safer, and happier when they work
  • Integrated employment is To

Each Employment First Partner across the state supports at least two Employment First Ambassadors to be active in their community. EF Ambassadors receive training about Employment First and develop presentations to share their experiences with employment and why hiring people with disabilities makes good sense. They are involved in a number of activities, including:

  • Meeting with legislators and policy-makers to tell them why it is important for people with disabilities to be working in the community.
  • Sharing their personal employment stories by presenting at conferences, meetings, and community events.
  • Meeting with employers to talk about why they work and like their jobs and why hiring people with disabilities is a win-win.
  • Being part of videos and public service announcements to help educate others about the importance of Employment First.

The steps to become an EF Ambassador are:

  1. Learn about Your Role as an Employment First Ambassador
  2. Prepare Your Personal Employment Story
  3. Prepare a PowerPoint Presentation to Go with Your Story
  4. Practice Your Story Using Your Slides
  5. Arrange a Presentation in Your Local Community!

Use the following documents to become, or support the development of, an Employment First Ambassador:

Strategies for Preparing Employment First Ambassadors

My Employment First Story

Employment First Talking Points

Employment First Summary

Employment First Ambassador Roles and Responsibilities

EF Ambassadors: They Get the Job Done Presentation

Employment First for Self-Advocates and Families

Why Hire People with Disabilities

Sample EF Ambassador Presentations: Coming soon!

  • Hunter- Medford
  • Vanessa – Medford
  • Johnathan – Racine
  • Dane – Luxemburg
  • Dustin – Hudson
  • Russell – Madison

Employment First Partner Resources

The Business Brochure is a helpful document for businesses about the benefits of employing people with disabilities.

The Employment First Q&A is a helpful reference document to understand what WI Employment First is and isn’t about, the history and philosophy of the Employment First movement, and how to get involved with the WI Employment First initiative.

Why We Need Employment First Policies is a one-page summary explaining the importance of changing laws and policies in Wisconsin to support people with disabilities to pursue integrated employment.

Employment: Priorities for People with Disabilities provides a powerful summary of data that supports a clear need to increase integrated employment in Wisconsin.

Employment First for Businesses is a one-page document can be given to employers to help them understand how hiring people with disabilities makes good business sense.

Employment First for Educators helps school staff understand the concepts of Employment First and the important role they play in supporting youth with disabilities to achieve integrated employment.

The Case for Real Jobs is used by WI Employment First Ambassadors to highlight the four primary reasons integrated employment should be the first option for people with disabilities.

WI Employment Policy Brief is used by WI Employment First Ambassadors to convey why Wisconsin needs Employment First policies.

This thought-provoking Do You Believe document was created to pose some critical questions when considering Employment First.