The Wisconsin Self-Determination Conference works to empower people with disabilities in Wisconsin to have more control over their lives. More than 600 people each year participate in the conference to learn more about self-determination and SDS so they can live independently, be members of their communities, and use public funds efficiently. The conference participants include people with disabilities and their family members, direct care providers, and professionals from Wisconsin’s disability community.

The theme this year was Back to the Future: Self-Determination Powered By Innovation!  There were over 600 people in attendance and almost 40 different sessions to attend over the 3 days. For everyone who couldn’t attend or those who didn’t get to see every session we wanted to release the handouts and presentations so you can go through them at your leisure. Below are links for some sessions to download the materials. We are working on getting more session materials and the video recorded sessions uploaded over the next few weeks. Thanks and don’t forget to mark your calendars for next years Self-Determination Conference on October 26-28, 2020.

Session 1: Circles of Support Brief

Session 2: Knowing Who you Are

Session 3: Electronic Visit Verification

Session 4: Textbook IEPs – Bridging Cultural Barriers

Session 8: Technology to Provide Job coach Support

Session 9: Making Technology a Little Less Scary

Session 10: Holding on Differently

Session 12: Technology to Get You Where You Want to Go

Session 18: From Home to Meeting

Session 19: Social Media For All of Us

Session 20: State Update on Development of Quillo for Families

Session 21: Team Quick Start Guide

Session 24: Voice Command Tech Sample Reference Guide

Session 25: Video Modeling

Session 27: All the Moving Parts of Getting to Work

Tech Huddle – Tech Bytes