The 2017 Wisconsin Self-Determination Conference was focused the efforts of individuals, families, advocates, and service providers to promote self-determination throughout Wisconsin. More than 700 people attended and shared their experiences and expertise.  Below you can get a glimpse of the conference sessions, including many of the materials and resources that were shared.


    1. We Are Not Powerless  – Welcome- Keynote Speaker – Day 1 (Thursday)
    2. My Triumph – My Community – Keynote Speaker Day 2 (Wednesday)
      • Video
    3. DieHard Award Winners (Wednesday)

Conference Breakout Sessions:

    1. The Magic of Perception
      1. Video
    2. Keeping the Body and Mind Healthy: Dealing with Chronic Health Conditions
      1. Video
      2. Powerpoint Presentation
    3. Maintaining the Essence of a Loved One
    4. Eat Well, Exercise Often, Celebrate Good Health
    5. Mindful Care and Support
    6. Get Ready for the Time of Your Life! A Path to Transition
    7. The Grown-Ups (En Espanol)
    8. Healthy Aging with a Disability – Keys to Success!
    9. Cross Out the Dis, and Embrace the Ability – Own Who You Are!
    10. Grief, Loss and Illness – Identifying your Feelings and How to Cope
    11. Person-Centered Planning: Developing a Meaningful Service Plan
      1. Video
      2. Powerpoint Presentation
    12. Take Action! Working Together to Build Coalitions

Toolbox Sessions

    1. 10 Apps for your Health: (PDF) (Word)
    2. Laughter is the best medicine: Powerpoint
    3. Benefits Counseling: (PDF) (Word)
    4. Career Exploration: (PDF) (Word)
    5. Job Seeking: (PDF) (Word)
    6. Self-Employment: (PDF) (Word)
    7. Ways to be supported: (PDF) (Word)
    8. Special Olympics Tool Kit