The 2016 Wisconsin Self-Determination Conference was focused the efforts of individuals, families, advocates, and service providers to promote self-determination throughout Wisconsin. More than 600 people attended and shared their experiences and expertise.  Below you can get a glimpse of the conference sessions, including many of the materials and resources that were shared.


    1. Difference is OK: Life as You See It – Keynote Speaker – Day 1 (Wednesday)
    2. Some People Talk About Change – Others Create It! – Day 2 (Thursday)
    3. DieHard Award Winners (Wednesday)

Pre-Conference Sessions:

    1. Pre-Conference: What Happens When You Turn 18?
    2. Pre-Conference: Full Day/Meaningful Life
    3. Pre-Conference: There’s an App for That!

Conference Breakout Sessions:

    1. How to Use a Support Broker
    2. Workforce Innovation & Opportunity Act (WIOA): Make It Work for You
      1. Implementing New Requirements of WIOA
      2. DVR WIOA Presentation
      3. WIOA FAQs
      4. Transition Services
      5. WIOA School DVR Provider Collaboration
    3. Get Involved in Your Community
    4. Family-Led Networks
    5. Finding the Right Roommate
    6. How to Prepare for What You Don’t See Coming
    7. Building and Managing Your Credit
    8. Recent Developments in Long Term Care Programs
    9. Don’t Leave Yourself on the Other Side of the Door
    10. Community Builders
    11. Postsecondary Transition Planning: There’s an App for That!
    12. Mind and Memory Matters: Early Dementia Detection
    13. Whose Life Is It Anyway?
    14. Apps for Everyday Life
    15. Make Your Finances Count!
    16. Recent Developments in Long Term Care Programs
    17. Drumming Your Way to a Peaceful Heart
    18. Movie: Becoming Bulletproof
    19. Voting Counts!
    20. Paralympics: Road to the Medal Stand
    21. Innovation through Improvisation
    22. Count Me In…and Outdoors: DNR Parks & Recreation
    23. Guys Night Out!
    24. Girls Night Out!
    25. Become the CEO of Your Life
    26. Community First Living Options
    27. They, Them, Us: Finding Your LGBTQ Community
    28. Relationships: Don’t Count Me Out!
    29. Supported Decision Making: for Par-ents/Guardians
    30. Supported Decision Mak-ing: for Self-Advocates (Self-Advocates Only Session)
    31. Job Centers: Enhancing Your Employability
    32. Health Care Community Supports
    33. Simplify Your Life – Hacks to Make Life Easier!
    34. How to Train Your Home: Putting Technology to Work for YOU
    35. Quick and Easy Get Togethers With Little Funds It Can Be Done!
    36. Count Your Money & Make it Count
    37. Taking Apps to a New Level: Stay Informed on Legislation
    38. Oh the Places We Go: Uber, Lyft & Others
    39. Using Social Media and Online Communities
    40. 10 Ways to Make Your Health Care Choices Count!