People with disabilities have the same rights as other citizens. The BPDD advocates for the development of policies and programs to support these rights, and to support the independence, self-determination, productivity and inclusion of citizens with disabilities. In particular, the BPDD believes people with disabilities have the right to:

Contact Information for Wisconsin Elected Officials

Budget Platform, Board Annual Report, State Plan

Public comments submitted to state or federal agencies


Federal issues and Congressional Communications

Medicaid and Health Care

Other federal communications

  • Transportation improvements for people with disabilities (Wisconsin Congressional Delegation communication, March 2017) (attached, filename BPDD_TransportationInnovations)
  • Support for funding of the Legal Services Corporation (Wisconsin Congressional Delegation communication, April 2017) (attached, filename BPDD_LegalServicesCorp_CongressionalDelegation_040317)
  • Wisconsin Medicaid Innovations are Solutions for all States (Wisconsin Congressional Delegation communication, July 2017) (attached, filename BPDD_WisconsinMedicaidSolutions are Solutions for all States_072517)
  • Questions: Impact of Medicaid Block Grants on children and adults with developmental disabilities (Wisconsin Congressional Delegation communication, December 2016) (attached, filename MedicaidBlockGrant_PerCapitaQuestions_120817)

Policy Briefs

Press Releases

Policy Positions & Papers

State legislative testimony and communications

  • Public comment on AB 627 – 11-29-2017 BPDD
  • Testimony on the Caregiver Tax Credit (AB 631) – 12-12-2017 BPDD
  • NACDD Statement on Amendment to Prosper Act – 12-12-2017 NACDD
  • NACDD Prosper Act testimony – 12-12-2017 NACDD
  • Supported Decision Making: Exciting new legislation in Wisconsin webinar (November 2017) (attached)
  • FAQ on Wisconsin’s proposed Supported Decision-Making Legislation (attached)
  • Supported Decision-Making talking points (attached)
  • Please replace the file on AB 627 with the actual testimony submitted (attached, filename BPDD_Testimony_AB627_DentalAccess) and rename the link title with Testimony on Dental Care Access (AB 627)
  • BPDD State Budget Public Hearing Comments (April 13, 2017) (attached, filename BPDD_JFCPublicHearingComments_041217)
  • Testimony on Balanced Budget Resolution bill (SJR 018 /AJR 021) (March 28, 2017) (attached, filename BPDD_Testimony_BalancedBudgetResolutions_032817)
  • 2017-19 Biennial Budget Requests (attached, filename BPDD_BiennialBudgetRequests_101116)