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Let’s Get to Work – BPDD Returns on Investment

The Board’s Let’s Get to Work project was a grant to help youth with the most significant disabilities to find and keep jobs as they graduated from high school. The grant equipped youth, their families, schools, and local businesses with resources/training to triple the number of students with paid jobs in their communities in its first year. For more about Let’s Get to Work, see: For more on what the Board does, see our one-page impact reports on employment, building full lives in the community, and advocacy: The Trump Administration’s proposed budget would make cuts to multiple disability programs:...

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Building Full Lives

The Wisconsin Board for People with Developmental Disabilities is committed to building full lives in the community for people with disabilities.  The Board’s Building Full Lives program has increased choice, independence and community participation leading to decreased dependence on paid supports. Building FULL Lives provides coaching and business planning expertise to providers working with hundreds of people around the state with the most significant disabilities and their families to more flexibly support people with disabilities in the community. Providers are learning to create individualized supports that lead to better employment, health, and other quality of life outcomes. Permanent changes...

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2016-2017 BPDD Partners in Policymaking

This weekend, May 5-6, is the final and graduation session for this year’s group of Partners In Policymaking. BPDD’s Wisconsin Partners in Policymaking is a six-session advocacy and systems change training program designed to develop a group of seasoned leaders across the state who are able to work on policies and initiatives that will support the full participation and inclusion of people with developmental disabilities in all aspects of life. Since it began 6 years ago in Wisconsin, more than 150 people have graduated from the program and are active in local, state and federal policy issues. Congratulations to...

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U.S. House Health Reform Bill Puts People with Disabilities at Risk

The Board has issued a statement on the US House passage of the health reform bill (AHCA): U.S. House health reform bill puts people with disabilities at risk Today, the U.S. House passed a health reform bill (AHCA) that cuts Medicaid funding by 25% ($900 billion), and jeopardizes the critical Medicaid supports that makes it possible for people with intellectual or developmental disabilities to live and work in the community instead of being forced into expensive nursing homes or institutions. People with intellectual and developmental disabilities rely on all of Wisconsin’s 20 state Medicaid programs—including Family Care, IRIS, MAPP, BadgerCare—and...

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