The 2017 Wisconsin Self-Determination Conference was focused the efforts of individuals, families, advocates, and service providers to promote self-determination throughout Wisconsin. More than 700 people attended and shared their experiences and expertise.  Below you can get a glimpse of the conference sessions, including many of the materials and resources that were shared.


    1. We Are Not Powerless  – Welcome- Keynote Speaker – Day 1 (Thursday)
    2. My Triumph – My Community – Keynote Speaker Day 2 (Wednesday)
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    3. DieHard Award Winners (Wednesday)

Conference Breakout Sessions:

    1. The Magic of Perception
      1. Video
    2. Keeping the Body and Mind Healthy: Dealing with Chronic Health Conditions
      1. Video
      2. Powerpoint Presentation
    3. Maintaining the Essence of a Loved One
    4. Eat Well, Exercise Often, Celebrate Good Health
    5. Mindful Care and Support
    6. Get Ready for the Time of Your Life! A Path to Transition
    7. Didn’t you Get My Message? Effective Communication Strategies
    8. Recent Developments in Long Term Care Programs
    9. Body and Soul: Diana and Kathy Story
    10. Let’s Get to Work!
    11. Your Body Language Shapes Who You Are
    12. Too Disabled for That!
    13. Team USA Paralympians
    14. College Experiences
    15. Dare to Dream
    16. The Grown-Ups (En Espanol)
    17. Healthy Aging with a Disability – Keys to Success!
    18. Self-Advocacy Skills Equals Big Impact on Transition
    19. Cross Out the Dis, and Embrace the Ability – Own Who You Are!
    20. Authentic Relationships through Endurance Athletics
    21. Grief, Loss and Illness – Identifying your Feelings and How to Cope
    22. Moving Out: Figuring out how to be Safe, Healthy and Busy in our own Apartment
    23. Employment Matters: Working Makes a Difference in your Health and Well-Being
    24. Do you have 5 Minutes? The Mindfulness of Everyday Tasks
    25. Person-Centered Planning: Developing a Meaningful Service Plan
      1. Video
      2. Powerpoint Presentation
    26. Mindfulness, Chocolate and You
    27. Secure your Family’s Future Quality of Life with Financial and Legal Planning
    28. Be Prepared, Have a Plan: Emergency Preparedness Toolkit
    29. Self-Directing your Services and Complex Support Needs: Celebrate! It Can be Done!
    30. F.O.C.U.S. Finding Unstoppable Success
    31. Family Networks: Families Doing Together What We Can’t Do Alone
    32. Take Action! Working Together to Build Coalitions

Toolbox Sessions

    1. Handout